License Reimbursements

Washington State Medical License:

To renew your Washington State Medical License, submit the online renewal application, or complete and submit the renewal form sent by the Department of Health at least two weeks prior to your license expiration date

For reimbursement, please do the following:

  • Make a copy of your new WA State Medical License.
  • Send this copy, along with a completed UWP License Reimbursement Form (fill out all top fields except Department Approval) to

Reimbursement typically takes around two weeks to process.

DEA License:

To renew your Washington State DEA License, follow the instructions outlined on the Emergency Medicine DEA License Renewal sheet.  Do NOT pay the $731 Fee, the University of Washington is a Fee-Exempt Institution.

Travel Reimbursements:

Your expense report for reimbursement will be done online (by Finance) after you submit hard copy (or email) receipts (see Travel Reimbursement Procedures). You will then receive an email to approve your expense reports online. Payment is direct-deposited for UW Employees to the account used for payroll.

After your trip, please submit the following:

  • Original Receipts: Regardless of cost for Lodging, Car Rental, Meals paid on behalf of others, and Laundry. Also submit original receipts for anything over $75, for anything under $75, (except as noted for "regardless of cost" items) please make a note of the expense or send the receipt (this might include taxi, parking, etc).
  • Detailed Flight Itinerary: Departure and arrival dates and times are used to determine your total allowable meal per diem. Per diem rates vary from city to city and may fluctuate depending upon the time of year. 
  • Meals: No receipts are required for meals; you will automatically be paid meal per diem. Note if any meals were provided by the conference or paid for by anyone else, as these cannot be reimbursed. Your daily per diem will be reduced accordingly. If no meals were provided, please note this as well. This information is usually in the conference brochure.   
  • Conference Brochure: Or provide a link to the conference brochure with dates, agenda, etc. 

Submit all items to, and contact her with any questions regarding reimbursement.