Successful applications in emergency medicine include an away rotation at another EM program. 25-30% of UW EM students match at their away sites! Use the EMRA Match map to create a list of residency programs you are interested in, and apply to aways at those programs.

Timeline: Programs typically begin reviewing applications in February/March. Aim to complete your away rotation by the end of September.

  • Submit 5-7 applications initially. Majority of programs take applications on VSLO, others take them directly. Review program websites to confirm application process.
  • URiM scholarship rotations also available!
  • Rotation dates do not have to line up with UW clinical calendar

Application materials

  • CV
  • Letter of Recommendation. Not all programs require a LOR. We will write a letter for you from UW EM. Submit your LOR request form to Alexis Rush
  • Letter of Interest. Not all programs require a statement. This should be 1, maybe 2 paragraphs in length. Include any information not available in your application and anything specific to the program. For example, you have family or friends in that area, you are very interested in their residency program because of X,Y,Z, etc. This does not need to be a mini residency personal statement!
  • Transcript, Immunizations, LOGS, etc. - Registration will send information on how to pull together the remaining pieces of your application.

I've accepted a rotation, now what?

To add the rotation to your schedule, receive credit for it, and be covered by UW malpractice insurance you need to:

  1. Fill out the away rotation application.
  2. Send it to Alexis Rush for approval.
  3. Curriculum will notify you via email when it is also approved by the School.
  4. Submit a schedule change form.
  5. Forward the approval to