Interested in a career in Emergency Medicine? This page contains EM related career information to help guide you. We have Faculty Career Advisors ready to guide you in this process starting in January of your 3rd year. Contact Alexis Rush with any questions at any point in your med school career, and in  January of your 3rd year to be connected with an advisor.

Things to read when considering applying in EM

Additional Tips

  • To be supported by our Department in EM, and receive a Department SLOE, you must rotate at HMC/UWMC (MED EM 606).
  • If you are considering EM, it is advisable to take your required EM clerkship early, so you will have time to plan out your application in EM, or if it's not the specialty for you, find something else. It is ideal timing to rotate at HMC/UWMC in the Spring/Summer of your 3rd year.
  • We strongly recommend that you do a sub-I away clerkship in EM, preferably at a site you would like to attend for residency.  This is a valuable way for you to get to know the program, plus an opportunity for you to impress them during the 4 week clerkship.  Please ask for a SLOE from your away site.