HMC Exterior

Harborview Medical Center

HMC is the only designated Level 1 adult and pediatric trauma and burn center in the state of Washington and serves as the regional trauma and burn referral center for Alaska, Montana, and Idaho. HMC is also the disaster medical control center for Seattle and King County. 

Medic One

Seattle Fire Department

Based at HMC, the Seattle Fire Department Medic One program began caring for patients in 1970. The two-tier response plan was created shortly thereafter and continues as a core underpinning of the system design. 

King County Medic One. Photo Clare McLean/UW Medicine.

King County Medic One

The King County Department of Health provides ALS services for the 690,000 people living in communities within King County, south of City of Seattle, using 8 ALS ambulances.  About 70 paramedics in the program work side-by-side with local fire agencies in a “third service” model.

Airlift Northwest. Photo: UW Medicine/Clare McLean.

Airlift Northwest

ALNW operates five bases throughout Washington and Southeast Alaska. ALNW transports critically ill patients from one of the largest and geographically varied landmasses in the world - from isolated islands in Alaska, coastal regions along Alaska and Washington, desert communities in Eastern Washington, to mountainous terrain in Idaho and Montana.

CPR Class. Photo: UW Medicine/Clare McLean.

Michael K. Copass UW Paramedic Training Program

Based at HMC, the University of Washington/Harborview Medical Center paramedic training program accepts between 14 and 20 students from districts within the state of Washington. At program graduation, each paramedic student has intubated more than 40 patients both in the operating suite and the field, started more than 400 IV lines and cared for more than 800 patients during 2500 to 3000 hours of training between October and July.