Curriculum Map

Practice Foundations Curriculum Map

Curriculum Goals

Practice Foundation Curriculum Goals


  • PGY1/2 Wellness Retreat
  • PGY2 Career Night
  • PGY3 Retreat (Career, Supervising, Wellness)
  • PGY3 Interview Panel
  • PGY3 CV Workshop
  • PGY4 Retreat
  • PGY4 Transition Lunch
  • Legal Day
  • Social EM Workshop

Advising Program

At the start of residency, each new intern is paired with a general faculty advisor and a PGY2 “Big Sib.” These two work with you to help you get settled in to Seattle, life as a resident, and the work environment. Your Big Sib will help guide you through the day-to-day hurdles of residency, like how to be efficient on off-service rotations, as well as provide general advice. Your general advisor will help you develop & stick to a study plan, get you thinking about future career options, and serve as a faculty source of advice on various topics - residency related or not.

One of the many advantages of a four-year program is that we have more time to focus on your post-residency career.  The advisor track dovetails with the Career Development Plan. As you solidify your career interests, we’ll help you find a “career mentor” – someone with expertise in your area of interest. Your career mentor will help you determine how you might utilize your elective time in your 3rd and 4th years to lay the foundation for your future career. Once you’ve identified a career mentor (early PGY3) you will transition from meeting with your general advisor to meeting with your career mentor.

For many of the events listed above, colleagues from EDs in the surrounding communities are brought in to offer their insight and expertise.  The events facilitate networking and help our residents establish contacts in the local EM community.