Fit testing for airborne precautions should be up to date within the last month for all staff, including radiology, maintenance, housekeeping, and other ancillary staff. Every physician and nurse should attest to watching the proper donning/doffing technique recommended by the CDC in the links below, and in-person training should be considered.

Staff should update their own home personal safety plans, including back up child care plans, and stocking house supplies so that when work gets busy, their own home plans and supplies are flush and they can concentrate on work.


Incident Command structure to be followed with centralized communication, messaging, and task delegation:

  • Identify a liaison to communicate regularly with local Dept of Health.
  • Identify a liaison for communications with the Media
  • Identify a COVID-19 hospitalist lead for admissions that are not to the ICU, and an intensivist lead for those in the ICU.
  • Identify outreach leads for EMS, homeless/shelter community, SNFs, and jail if your hospital receives these patients.
  • Consider creation of a centralized, regional patient triage system to move patients between hospitals to offload hospitals at high capacity.


UW Medicine COVID-19 Resource Site

See UW Medicine COVID-19 Resource Site for more screening and testing algorithms, policy statements, and additional links.


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