Inventory current amounts of sanitation supplies (especially alcohol based hand gel and bleach wipes), pulse oximeters, masks/PAPRs/Shrouds for PAPR, mirrors for doffing stations, and disposable stethoscopes to anticipate increased needs; we have run short of flu swabs and PPE.

  • Consider storing these supplies in ways that prevent hospital personnel and guests from removing them for personal use. 
  • Establish protocols for handling patient specimens (blood, urine, respiratory viral testing, etc).
  • Plan for use of metered dose inhalers with spacers instead of nebulizers to reduce infectivity.
  • Assess supplies of key medications including antibiotics, sedation, analgesia, neuromuscular blockade, and crystalloid.


Cart-Based Machines

Before you enter the room:

  1. Remove all probes you won’t be using.
  2. Only take in the items you need for the exam.
  3. Take everything else off the machine.
  4. Ensure there are purple wipes inside and outside the room.
  5. Find a PPE partner to help you.
  6. Follow the PPE Donning checklist.
  7. Double glove while scanning.

Inside the room after scan complete (1st cleaning):

  1. Move the machine as close to the door as possible.
  2. Remove outer gloves, perform hand hygiene.
  3. Remain in all other PPE.
  4. Use a purple wipe on all probes used on patient; discard wipe.
  5. Use second wipe (more if needed) to clean machine from the top down, avoiding excess moisture on the screen. No need to wipe down the wheels.
  6. Ensure all surfaces remain wet for at least 2 minutes.
  7. After PPE partner opens the door, move machine outside as far as possible.

Outside the room (2nd cleaning):

  1. Follow the PPE Doffing checklist with your PPE partner.
  2. Perform hand hygiene and put on a new pair of gloves.
  3. Repeat wipe down procedure as performed inside the room.

Handheld Machines

If using Butterfly with a cell phone or ipod:

  • Before entering the room: Place entire apparatus in a sterile probe cover.
  • After scanning: Remove cover while still inside the room and purple wipe entire apparatus. Wait 2 minutes, then hand out to anteroom or warm zone.
  • Outside the room: After doffing, repeat purple wipe.

If using a tablet device (freestanding or mounted on a wheeled pole):

  • Treat the entire apparatus as you would a cart-based machine using the steps above.

For full COVID-19 POCUS Protocol PDF click here.


UW Medicine COVID-19 Resource Site

See UW Medicine COVID-19 Resource Site for more screening and testing algorithms, policy statements, and additional links.


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