Vasisht Srinivasan, MD
Acting Assistant Professor
Department of Emergency Medicine
Sites of Practice: 
Harborview Medical Center

Faculty Information


Dr. Srinivasan is an emergency physician and a neurointensivist. He specializes in the care of patients in the Emergency Department and on the Neurocritical Care Service at Harborview Medical Center. His goal is to ensure seamless transitions for neurologically ill and injured patients from prehospital settings into the Emergency Department and Intensive Care Units. His research interests include examining ways to make transfers more seamless and safer for patients and the use of technology as a tool to enhance patient care in these domains.

Dr. Srinivasan is also interested in flight medicine and the aeromedical transport of critically ill patients. He partners with Airlift Northwest as a flight physician and researches ways to make the transport process safer and more efficient for patients with acute neurologic disease. As an educator, he is interested in undergraduate and graduate medical education, specifically in the domains of  critical care, ultrasound, and neurological emergencies. He is also an ENLS instructor and has taught courses for physicians and nurses on the early management and stabilization of neurocritically ill patients.

Education & Training: 
University of Rochester School of Medicine
Rochester NY
Department of Neurosurgery, University of Rochester
Rochester, NY
Department of Emergency Medicine, University of Rochester
Rochester, NY
Department of Neurology and Rehabilitation Medicine, University of Cincinnati
Cincinnati, OH
Mailing Address: 

Harborview Medical Center
Box 359702
325 Ninth Avenue
Seattle WA 98104-2499

Research & Clinical Interests
Research Interests: 

Medical education

Critical care ultrasound

Medical innovation

Clinical Interests: 


Subarachnoid hemorrhage


Traumatic brain injury