Ross Kessler has recently received funding from the Medic One Foundation for his research project, “Paramedic Performed Prehospital Lung Ultrasound for Patients with Acute Dyspnea.”  The Butterfly Network, a portable ultrasound company, will support this study.

This study will evaluate if paramedics can adequately obtain and interpret lung ultrasound images after an educational ultrasound curriculum. Subsequently, Dr. Kessler and team will conduct a prospective study in the prehospital setting with Medic One paramedics to investigate whether paramedics can accurately perform and interpret lung ultrasound in medical patients with acute dyspnea and to determine if integrating lung ultrasound with clinical assessment will have higher diagnostic accuracy than clinical assessment alone in differentiating acute decompensated heart failure from noncardiogenic dyspnea.

Ultrasound equipment used for this study will be provided through a collaboration with Butterfly Network, Inc., a leading portable ultrasound company.