Dr. Ashley Amick

Dr. Ross Kessler

Dr. Ashley Amick and Dr. Ross Kessler were awarded a research grant from UW Medicine Patient Safety Innovations Program for their project, "Implementation of a novel simulation-based ultrasound guided IV insertion curriculum to improve the quality and safety of patients with difficult IV access in the emergency department." 

Drs. Amick and Kessler have developed a novel Simulation-Based Mastery Learning (SBML) curriculum for ultrasound guided IV (USGIV) insertion, utilizing simulated scenarios, intensive deliberate practice on simulators, and a highly rigorous minimal passing standard (MPS). Using the latest in medical education theory and simulation technology, they aim to train emergency nurses in USGIV insertion in order to improve both the quality and timeliness of care in the emergency department.

In addition, they aim to evaluate the relationship between difficult IV access (DIVA) and socioeconomic determinants of health in an effort to determine if DIVA disproportionately affects individuals from high risk and vulnerable populations.