Fiona Gallahue
Dr. Fiona Gallahue

Fiona Gallahue is co-author of a paper published in Academic Emergency Medicine titled, “Emergency Medicine Morbidity and Mortality Conference and Culture of Safety: The Resident Perspective.”

The authors, Kathleen Wittels, Emily Aaronson, Richard Dwyer, Eric Nadel, Fiona Gallahue, Christopher Fee, Robert Tubbs, and Jeremiah Schuur, note that while morbidity and mortality conference is an opportunity for residents to learn about error (systemic, individual), in this survey they found that over 60% of EM residents had never submitted a case for their M&M processes.  The authors examined the underlying causes for this relatively low rate of participation to identify how EM training programs might better foster a strong culture of safety.  Opportunities for EM training programs to enhance resident submissions and participation in the M&M process identified included:​

  • ED departmental leadership communicating consistently to EM residents the positive changes made as a result of M&M cases ​​
  • Transparency and robust support for debriefing of residents involved with M&M cases​