SH2 Domains by Humana Press

Emergency Medicine's Clinical Data Analyst, Karl Jablonowski has recently published two chapters in the book SH2 Domains, published by Humana Press. 

In the chapter, “Hidden Markov Models for Protein Domain Homology Identification and Analysis,” Karl describes a Hidden Markov Model method he used in a 2006 publication to characterize the SH2 domain proteins.  The method identifies and categorizes evolutionarily linked protein domains.  By employing the method, investigators were able to describe or reclassify five of the 120 known SH2 domains in the human proteome. 

In the chapter, “Proteomic Clustering Analysis of SH2 domain datasets,” Karl describes methods for clustering SH2 domains based on their binding patterns to other proteins or even phenotypes like tissue expression.  He then compares clustering approaches to inspect the differences and evolutionary implications, which was a relevant cornerstone in a 2007 publication.