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Dr. Kennedy Hall along w/ clinical research team that includes UW Urology and Radiology, and the UW Applied Physics Lab, had their innovative non-invasive kidney stone ultrasonic propulsion & burst wave lithotripsy procedure featured on US News.

This groundbreaking study presents a non-surgical and minimally painful treatment that enlists two types of ultrasound to "zap" ureteral stones, causing them to break up, dislodge and reposition in order to make passing the stones easier and faster.

“The two-pronged approach is to first break the stone into fragments and then move the fragments toward the exit so they will pass,” explains study author Dr. Kennedy Hall.

The goal is “to remove the stone right away, when you first come to the doctor, so you don't sit home in pain and anxiety,” unsure if invasive surgery — complete with anesthesia — is in the offing.

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