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Matt Gittinger checking in with Doug Stine and family after cardiac arrest episode
Doug Stine and family with Dr. Matt Gittinger

Last September, Douglas Stine and his colleagues were driving along a busy Seattle street when he began gasping for air and lost consciousness. His co-workers called 911, yet help arrived before the paramedics did.

An app on the cell phone of Dr. Matt Gittinger, a faculty member within the University of Washington Division of Emergency Medicine who happened to be catching up on work at home on his day off, alerted him that a medical emergency was happening nearby. He ran out of his house, found the individual in distress, and was able to provide CPR during the critical minutes before the paramedics arrived. Dr. Gittinger then accompanied the paramedics and Mr. Stine to the Harborview Medical Center Emergency Department.

As a result of Dr. Gittinger’s quick response and the PulsePoint App, Mr. Stine is now home with his wife and three children. PulsePoint is a phone app that can improve cardiac arrest survival rates by engaging the community for help. Anyone (individuals need not be a nurse or physician) who is proficient in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) or in using an automated external defibrillator (AED) and has downloaded the app are alerted when someone nearby is in cardiac arrest.

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