HP-CPR course

UW EM was well represented in a highly successful CPR course for entering medical students. This course was made possible through the generous support of the Resuscitation Academy and interprofessional collaboration with other physicians, paramedics, nurses, medical assistants, and other dedicated CPR trainers. The following faculty, fellows, and residents graciously donated their time to teach first-year medical students High Performance CPR on their very first day of medical school: Brandon Backlund, Alisha Brown, Paul Charlton, Joshua Jauregui, Nick Johnson, Jacob Lebin, Claire Nordeen, Jamie Shandro, and Jason Wong.

Nick, Brandon, Laura, and Paul also participated in a train-the-trainers session prior to this event and were instrumental in leading key components of the course.

A special thanks goes out to Jamie Shandro who led the emergency medicine component of this effort.

Many thanks to this group! Because of them, our students received an excellent introduction to their medical education with early, positive exposure to EM and important clinical skills.