In the News

Dr. Susan Stern, Chair of the Department of Emergency Medicine (DEM) recently announced the formation of two new Sections within the DEM: the Section of Emergency Ultrasound and the Section of Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

“The establishment of these Sections will lend greater visibility within and outside of our institution, thereby creating more opportunities for growth, development, and new collaborations.”

Dr. Adeyinka Adedipe

Dr. Adeyinka Adedipe has accepted the position of Section Head for Emergency Ultrasound. Under the leadership of Dr. Adedipe, the DEM Ultrasound team has taken Point-of-Care Ultrasound (POC-US) in the UWMC and HMC EDs from a diagnostic modality that was rarely used to one that is fully integrated within UW’s care model.  The team has developed an exceptional training program for UW emergency medicine residents, and created curriculum for trainees across the institution. Currently, the DEM Ultrasound team is providing opportunities for UW medical students.  They’re also leading investigations related to product development for novel diagnostic and treatment uses of ultrasound technology.   


Dr. Michael Sayre

Dr. Michael Sayre has accepted the position of Section Head for Emergency Medical Services (EMS).  Since joining the UW DEM Faculty in 2012 Dr. Sayre has taken on the role of Medical Director for both Seattle Fire Department and Michael K. Copass Paramedic Training Program.  He founded the UW DEM EMS Fellowship Program in 2014 and continues to serve as the Fellowship Director.  The UW EMS Fellowship will graduate its fifth fellow this summer.  Additionally, each year the UW EMS team hosts medical students, residents, and visiting scholars from around the globe in order to expand their understanding of prehospital emergency medicine operations and research.  Dr. Sayre has held numerous national and international leadership roles and is regularly invited to present the novel ways in which UW and Seattle Medic One are pushing the boundaries of EMS and resuscitation science. 

The creation of Sections (Emergency US, EMS, and Population Health) within the Department of Emergency Medicine will facilitate the development of a community of experts and scholars within these areas of discipline, further promoting collaboration and coordination of efforts and resources. Utilizing this structure will allow DEM to begin strategic planning, and setting goals and a vision for the future in each of these areas.