Below you will find a repository of articles, videos, and interviews of and by various UW Department of Emergency Medicine faculty.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread across the country (and the globe) UW Medicine remains on the frontlines of the outbreak; fighting to curb the spread of the virus, care for critically ill patients, and share firsthand knowledge with other healthcare providers who are fighting the virus in their own cities and towns.

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CNN Gets Inside Look at Harborview ICU

CNN visited Harborview Medical Center to report on what the frontline of the fight against COVID-19 looks like.

KOMO News Article About HMC, UW Medicine Surge Plan

Harborview Medical Center and UW Medicine are gearing up to implement a "surge plan" that will enable its hospitals to better respond to the coronavirus outbreak.

KIRO7 Gets Firsthand Look at Harborview Hall

King County is converting the nearly 90-year-old Harborview Hall into a recovery center for people recuperating from the coronavirus. KIRO7 came to see it.

Lizzo Donates Meals to UW Medicine Workers

Lizzo donated lunches to 26 hospitals across the country, including UWMC.



    Dr. Michael Sayre Interviewed for Seattle Times Piece on Fewer 911 Calls During COVID Pandemic

    Worried about a 25% decrease in the number of calls from people with symptoms of heart attacks, strokes and other serious medical issues — and a 10% increase in instances in which the patient dies before emergency medical personnel arrive — the King County Fire Chiefs organization is urging people to call 911 when needed.

    EMS1 Article by Dr. Catherine R. Counts

    8 types of data: Telling the story of COVID-19. Stakeholders should consider these 8 data types as they consider how best to move forward during the pandemic and in a post-COVID-19 era.

    Dr. Nick Johnson in the Washington Post

    How a surge of coronavirus patients could stretch hospital resources in your area.

    Fire Rescue 1 Write-up on UWashEMS Grand Rounds

    Quick Take: UWashEMS COVID-19 Paramedic Training Tuesday. This is a write-up about a UWashEMS Grand Rounds Tuesday Series of Paramedic Training featuring Drs. Thomas Rea, Betty Yang, and David Murphy.

    KNKX Interviews Dr. Jamie Shandro

    Hospitals try to preserve protective gear as front-line workers brace for surge.



    Dr. Catherine R. Counts on the Inside EMS Podcast

    Using data to make sense of the COVID-19 pandemic. Co-hosts speak with EMS1 columnist Dr. Catherine R. Counts who talks about using data gleaned during the pandemic to make decisions going forward.

    Dr. Andy McCoy featured on the SecondShift Podcast

    Ep. 71: Trust your PPE. [They] talk about the COVID response in Seattle, the national effort from the GMR perspective.

    David Greene Talks to Dr. Nick Johnson for Morning Edition on NPR

    NPR's David Greene talks to Zachary Levy and Nick Johnson, emergency physicians working with COVID-19 patients on opposite sides of the country, to connect about their experiences.

    Ari Shapiro Interviews Dr. Sachita Shah for NPR

    ER Doctor In Seattle, An Early COVID-19 Epicenter, On The Challenges Ahead.



    Dr. Michael Sayre on NHTSA's EMS Webinar About EMS and COVID-19 Testing

    As we continue to learn more about the novel coronavirus and COVID-19, we're also learning more about COVID-19 testing: Who should get tested, and when? How accurate are the tests? In this webinar, hosted by NHTSA's Office of EMS, three panelists deeply involved in the EMS and public health response to COVID-19 share their expertise.

    Dr. Betty Yang on EMRA Panel for Prehospital Care

    TOPIC : Prehospital Care During COVID-19: Response and Ethical Considerations. Join us as we hear from prehospital leaders from University of Washington, Mayo Clinic, and Mount Sinai regarding COVID-19 prehospital response and ethical considerations.

    Dr. Nick Johnson Interview for NBC

    Officials say Washington state has managed to "flatten the curve” and reduce its coronavirus patients. Now health care workers are sharing how they transformed their hospitals to combat the crisis.

    Dr. Jenelle Badulak Hosts ELSO Webinar

    ECMO in COVID19: The power of connection.

    NAEMSP Town Hall Meeting - Drs. Michael Sayre and Thomas Rea

    Protecting Your Providers: Seattle’s COVID-19 Experience. Access to this video require an Access Password: 4lG38G.