RESCU will focus on developing scientific areas of excellence that will address major knowledge/implementation gaps by leveraging our collective strengths to innovate in a way that has potential to be transformative.

Examples of RESCU thematic campaigns include but are not limited to:

Advanced Artificial Resuscitation

  • This campaign will focus on developing synthetic solutions for resuscitation of critical illness and injury arising from trauma, burns, cardiac arrest, and shock.
  • Activities will include development of synthetic hemostats and oxygen carriers to replace blood products and stop bleeding in addition to novel strategies for resuscitation of trauma, burns, ischemia, and shock.
  • Development of advanced applications and strategies for cardiac arrest and artificial circulatory support, including extracorporeal life support (ECLS).
  • Testing of existing and newly developed invasive and noninvasive tools intended to guide resuscitation.
  • In addition, portable microfluidic diagnostic platforms will be developed, and artificial intelligence will be leveraged to enhance diagnosis, prediction, management, and prognostication of critical illness and injury.

Remote and Extreme Resuscitation

  • This campaign will focus on developing new knowledge and technology to support remote critical care throughout the WWAMI region and globally.
  • This campaign will also develop technology used to enable remote resuscitation and resuscitation under the influence of extreme and unique environments.
  • Examples include facilitation of remote endovascular resuscitation and ECLS, long distance telemonitoring, and resuscitation of diseases related to extreme and aerospace environments of abnormal gravity, atmospheric pressure, temperature, and austerity.