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Class of 2025

Class of 2025

Ryan AlcantaraRyan Alcantara, MD

Medical School: New York Medical College

Favorite Seattle hangout: I've been so impressed by the "parks" here, which I think is such an understatement. They're pretty much full-on beaches with tons of fun stuff to do.

Research Interests: Critical care, resuscitation, pre-hospital care, point-of-care ultrasound. I also have a soft spot for fluids.

Why UW: UW had everything I was looking for in a program. I can't overstate the value of having substantial exposure to both county and academic settings. There's strong flight medicine, pre-hospital care, trauma, critical care, and ultrasound exposure. The work-life balance is heavily emphasized, and the culture among the residents is warm and supportive. And it just so happens that Seattle is one of my favorite places in the country!

Nick AldredgeNicholas Aldredge, MD

Medical School: University of Virginia School of Medicine

Favorite Seattle Hangout: This is so hard to answer! Within the true city limits of Seattle, I love to spend a summer day at Pike Place Market. My wife and I often enjoy a seasonal ginger beer at Rachel's Ginger Beer and then wander down Post Alley to Mr. D's Greek Restaurant, which to this day has the best gyros I have ever tried. Just outside of the city, though, is access to my two favorite hobbies of rock climbing and skiing. Exit 32 just 30 minutes east of the city offers amazing sport climbing; Leavenworth is another hour but is a beautiful town with great bouldering, trad climbing, and access to alpine wilderness including the ever-famous Enchantments. Snoqualmie Pass is just 45 minutes east of the city and has incredible resort and backcountry skiing access.

Research Interests: Medical education, ultrasound, critical care medicine

Why UW: This program offers so many things that were important to me as a resident. First, there is an amazing clinical breadth of experience at nationally renowned hospitals including county medicine at HMC, tertiary/quaternary care at UWMC, community emergency medicine at VMC, and pediatric emergency medicine at SCH. Second, I loved my experience on interview day with the residents that I met and how happy they seemed. I have an amazing cohort of co-residents and have made many friends in the program. We share interests both within the field of medicine and outside the hospital, and I feel there is a healthy work-life balance at this residency. Outside of the hospital, I enjoy getting outdoors, and Seattle offers some of the best access to outdoor activities in the country.

Ian BenjaminIan Benjamin, MD

Medical School: Boston University School of Medicine

Favorite Seattle Hangout: Eating various dishes with double chicken from the myriad of culinary gems 

Research Interests: In flux, but currently most interested in sports related/orthopedic trauma, critical care, and ultrasound. 

Why UW: All other factors being equal compared to other programs I interviewed with, I felt the residents here were incredibly balanced, easy to talk to, made me laugh during the interview day, and were people I wanted to be friends with. Thankfully that turned out to be extremely accurate. I think we have exceptional pathological diversity, and patients from all walks of life. Our faculty have a broad range of approaches to medical care; this freedom for individualized approaches has allowed me to experiment comfortably to find my own, authentic style of medical care. Our teaching is exceptional across the board within our department, and our off-service residency programs are all extremely strong. 

Jessica CalderoneJessica Calderone, MD

Medical School: Albany Medical College

Favorite Seattle Hangout: Watching the sunset at all the beautiful city parks (Golden Gardens is my favorite!), admiring all the plants (especially cherry blossoms in the spring), eating all the yummy international food, and getting outside the city to our national parks or forests to hike, camp, ski, etc.

Research Interests: Currently, I hope to use my elective time for rural/global health experiences, a sports medicine elective so that I can pursue a sports medicine fellowship, and volunteer time at a summer camp for medically complex kids

Why UW: I couples matched (my partner is in Anesthesia), and we wanted to get out of the northeast and Midwest respectively. We love the outdoors, and the PNW is such a beautiful place. Plus, Seattle is a cool city. UWEM has a great mix of a county-level 1 trauma center, an academic institution, and a stand-alone children’s hospital. We have a lovely group of faculty with varied interests. As a 4-year program, we have elective time and shift-reduction to focus on finding your niche in addition to being a great ED doctor, as well as opportunities for rural health, global health, and airlift. finally, I love my co-residents. They are all talented, kind, down-to-earth people.

Kevin DyerKevin Dyer, MD

Medical School: Rush Medical College

Favorite Seattle Hangout: Salt and Straw, any of the breweries, Lake Union, Golden Gardens… still exploring!

Research Interests: Opioid epidemic, social medicine, and improving the healthcare experience for vulnerable patient populations such as patients with Autism

Why UW: I really love the variety of training environments such as the high pace/intensity of a county hospital at Harborview with the complex patients and plethora of academic resources at UW.  Most importantly, the faculty and residents (both EM and other services!) truly create a learning environment that challenges you but is still very supportive, which makes it fun to come to work every day and I look forward to getting to know everyone even more! And the variety of patients is amazing, it is so cool to think you are treating and helping people from multiple different states each day!

Elsa LindgrenElsa Lindgren, MD

Medical School: Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth

Favorite Seattle Hangout: I’m still exploring Seattle, but so far am loving evening swims at Madison Park Beach and rooftop sunsets.

Research Interests: critical care, healthcare delivery to rural populations.

Why UW: UW is an awesome program with many strengths! From great clinical training at diverse sites, a strong service mission, excellent and friendly faculty, research, flight medicine, and rural electives, there are opportunities in all directions to leave after four years not only as a skilled emergency medicine physician but also the opportunities to develop your passion. This was important to me as someone with a number of interests, and on top of it all, it’s set in an amazing city with easy access to lots of outdoor fun.

Dominic Lusk, MDDominic Lusk, MD

Medical School: St. Louis University School of Medicine

Favorite Seattle hangout: Enjoy the awesome outdoors we have - skiing especially!

Research Interests: Ultrasound, resuscitation, event medicine, wilderness medicine. 

Why UW: A great mix of county and academic EM, top-notch training! 

Rachel NolanRachel Nolan, MD, PhD

Medical School: Drexel University College of Medicine

Favorite Seattle Hangout: Float/paddle/kayak/hot tub boat on Lake Union.

Research Interests: Basic science & translational research. I want to help elucidate the pathophysiology of acute illnesses, in order to develop novel interventions and tools for EM practice that can reduce morbidity and mortality.

Why UW: I wanted a 4-year program with a community mission, collaborative research opportunities, and friendly and interesting people. UW just checked all the boxes I was looking for in a program, and I serendipitously vibed the best with the UW residents and faculty! Being surrounded by mountains and water is just a bonus.

Michaela O'Driscoll, MDMichaela O'Driscoll, MD

Medical School: University of Florida College of Medicine

Favorite Seattle Hangout: Swim in the lake, go to shows, eat pho, wait for Mt. Rainier to peak out and then say "wow" every time she does, watch the sunset, take the ferry, go on hikes that are less than 4 miles. Hard to pick just one because this city is so incredible!

Research Interests: Population health, social EM, harm reduction, EMS.

Why UW: The people that make up this program are all amazing. Our faculty have vast and unique interests and are all willing to work with and help residents with whatever their passions are. Harborview is an incredible hospital where we have the opportunity to take care of the people of our community in a very profound way. Seattle is a wonderful place to live and work. 

Jordan SheehanJordan Sheehan, MD

Medical School: Albany Medical College

Favorite Seattle Hangout: Try new bars and restaurants, explore the mountains, and visit new parks and beaches with my dog!

Research Interests: Critical Care, Device improvement, QI

Why UW: Working at UWMC, HMC, SCH, Valley offers incredible diversity in training that felt unmatched to many other programs. Incredible mentors who are passionate about various EM niches create a fun learning environment.

Ahna Weeks, MDAhna Weeks, MD

Medical School: Emory University School of Medicine

Favorite Seattle Hangout: Jumping in the lake mid-run at Foster Point and eating takeout at Gasworks

Why UW: UW has an excellent balance of county and academic exposure. I couldn't ask for a more amazing group of co-residents. Seattle encourages you to work on your work-life balance as a resident, so many new hobbies and places to explore!

Amanda West, MDAmanda West, MD

Medical School: Harvard Medical School

Favorite Seattle Hangout: So far, my go-to locations are Kubota Gardens, Magnuson Dog Park, Urban Family Brewery, and Ada’s Technical Books and Cafe

Research Interests: Climate change/disaster EM, social EM, LGBTQ+ health in the ED

Why UW: The mix between a focus on local community/rural health and global health, with faculty doing incredibly interesting research in areas that I want to explore further; the diverse staff and patients of Harborview --- and of course the beautiful mountains all around!

Class of 2026

Class of 2026

Amalie AlverAmalie Alver, MD, MS

Medical School: University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Favorite Seattle Hangout: Getting slightly below-average scores at pub trivia in Capitol Hill, continuing my search for the perfect oyster happy hour, and walking to City Market at 1 a.m. to look for snacks.

Research Interests: Medical Education and Critical Care

Why UW: I wanted to train in a program that had both strong county and academic sites, which UW has with Harborview (level 1 trauma, county, mission-based) and the UW Medical Center. I was also looking for a program with strong female leadership, which UW also has in abundance. It’s also nice to be so close to my family after spending the last 8 years out of state.

EganHaley Egan, MD

Medical School: University of Iowa

Favorite Seattle Hangout: Too many to choose from! Paddleboarding on Lake Union, sunset picnics at Gasworks, the dog park at Magnuson Park, and wandering through the Arboretum, to name a few.

Research Interests: Admin/QI

Why UW: The mix of county and academic experiences, our PD’s commitment to constant improvement, specialized career pathways, strong female leadership, and a truly amazing group of residents. 

Stephen EttingerStephen Ettinger, MD

Medical School: University of California, San Francisco

Favorite Seattle Hangout: I spent a lot of time getting out of Seattle actually; the ski touring within an hour of Seattle is excellent (don't tell Denver), and trail running and mountain biking in the incredible west slope forests and mountains is world-class year-round.  

Research Interests: I love EM in-in part because we get to practice so many different 'sub-specialties' as part of our day-to-day. I can be giving a turkey sandwich and buprenorphine induction to one patient, and in the adjacent bed, I can practice my EM Crit care skills. I became interested in Emergency Medicine via pre-hospital medicine, and it's still my first love within our field.

Why UW: Lots of reasons honestly, but to name a few: we get an incredibly diverse training experience here; treating very medically complex patients at the quaternary research hospital at UW Montlake, lots of urban county hospital experience at HMC, and rural (San Juan Islands), community (Valley Hospital), and limited-resource settings like Airlift Northwest as well. The breadth of this exposure is pretty remarkable and keeps the day-to-day interesting during our clinical training. It's a very down-to-earth program where people share a passion for all things EM, serving the communities of the WWAMI region, and are always willing to lend time to help me succeed in this specialty. We have an incredibly well-regarded EMS system, which also attached me to the program.   

FesserNicolas Fesser, MD

Medical School: State University of New York at Buffalo

Favorite Seattle Hangout: The reason this place has grown on me (and will grow on you too) as much as it has is because of just how much there is to do both within and outside of Seattle itself. Between all the city parks, waterfronts, lakes, and mountains, there is always an opportunity to catch some fresh air. You don't have to be outdoorsy to enjoy Seattle, not all of us are, but it's certainly nice to have the choice. All of our residents are also brilliant and future leaders in the field. Going through this experience with such a talented group is also one of my greatest pleasures.

Research Interests: Global Health, Health Policy, Disaster Medicine, Critical Care

Why UW: When applying to residency I wanted a place that would not only support my academic interests but would also push me to continue to grow.  During medical school, I founded a non-profit organization that runs and operates an orphanage in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.  Ensuring that my residency program had the support systems in place to maintain this project was incredibly important to me and one that carried a lot of weight with regard to where I ranked programs. Throughout the interview process, it became evident that very few places had the same level of commitment to global and public health as did the University of Washington. UW became a clear #1 for me when combining that with the knowledge that I would receive some of the best clinical training in the country. Between the types (and caliber) of hospitals we train at, the acuity we see, the populations we serve, and the overall reputation we have, I truly cannot think of a better residency program. I am so happy and proud to be a part of this family.

Andrew GoodmanAndrew Goodman, MD

Medical School: University of Colorado

Favorite Seattle Hangout: La Josie’s in Cap Hill has amazing margaritas, music, and prime people-watching on the patio. I love paddleboarding on Lake Union in the Summer and skiing at Crystal Mountain in the Winter.

Research Interests: Medical Education, Critical Care, QI

Why UW: UW has the perfect combination of county and academic Emergency Medicine, that very few programs in the country offer. During my interview at UW, I had a sense that I would be able to achieve my goals outside of day-to-day clinical work with the support of the program leadership and its multiple different tracks. This group of people at UW is inspiring on a daily basis and I’m proud to have them as my colleagues and residency family. To sweeten the deal, hopefully, someday I’ll see an orca in the wild!

kira gressmanKira Gressman, MD

Medical School: Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth

Favorite Seattle Hangout: Floating on Lake Washington or exploring the food scene with my co-residents!

Research Interests: Rural health, harm reduction/substance use, development of bidirectional health system-community partnerships to address health inequities, ground EMS

Why UW: UWEM had the best combination I could find of training in a high-volume urban setting and providing established opportunities and mentorship in rural EM (both through the Population Health track and our large service area). The diversity of our core sites is amazing training (county at Harborview, academic at UW, pediatrics at Seattle Children's, and the community at Valley). There is also a strong sense of commitment to serving and advocating for patients experiencing barriers to care, whether that is within our own Seattle county population or the broader WWAMI region.

Samuel LewisSamuel Lewis, MD, M.Phil.

Medical School: University of California, Los Angeles

Favorite Seattle Hangout: A big day hike in the Cascades with a coffee and pastry stop on the way back, and getting wrist deep at a new Ethiopian restaurant to wrap it all up. 

Research Interests: Population health, global health, critical care. 

Why UW: A county program at its heart, with exposure to complex and specialized care at UW and Seattle Children's, and phenomenal community and rural sites to round it all out. The perfect balance of rigorous clinical training with protected time, mentorship, and resources to pursue academic and extra-clinical interests. And of course, an extremely smart, passionate, and humble group of residents and faculty that make most shifts fly by. 

Cooper MarchCooper March, MD, MPH

Medical School: Vanderbilt University

Favorite Seattle Hangout: My favorite thing to do in Seattle is leave! Mostly joking, but there is an unbelievable amount of nature for hiking, camping, biking, skiing, etc within an hour or two of the city. With just how much there is, I have a feeling that I won't have even seen half of it by the time I'm done with residency. If I'm staying in the city, going to a park along Lake Union or Lake Washington or to Elliot Bay Book Company are some of my favorite easy things on a day off.

Research Interests: Homelessness outreach, LGBTQ advocacy, EMS

Why UW: This program is unbeatable in its training sites—I’m still not sure where I want to be as an EM doc, and getting a mix of academic, county, community, children’s, and even a critical access hospital in the San Juan islands or Sun Valley is a priceless experience I’ll have to make my decision with. Population health is huge here, too, and I’ll have a ton of opportunities to learn from great mentors in the field.

Andrew NeedlemanAsh Needleman, MD

Medical School: Rowan University

Favorite Seattle Hangout: I love the proximity to the outdoors and how easy it is to escape the city for a hike or overnight trip.

Research Interests: EMS, healthcare access in rural communities, harm reduction

Why UW: Outstanding clinical training and research opportunities, its location in a vibrant and diverse city, and its commitment to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in healthcare.

PavicBoris Pavic, MD, MPH

Medical School: University of California, Los Angeles

Favorite Seattle Hangout: Play sports with friends (water polo, soccer) and explore the beautiful outdoors

Research Interests: Global Health, EMS, Medical Education

Why UW: I was excited about the diversity in the training sites as well as the opportunity to explore my interests in global health and rural health. I also loved the opportunity to become a flight doctor through the EMS elective track.

StewartKelly Stewart, MD

Medical School: University of Washington

Favorite Seattle Hangout: Spending the day at the lake in the summer and finding the best happy hours!

Research Interests: Anything social EM related, policy, administration/finance

Why UW: This was already home for me, close to my friends and family. I love being close to mountains and water (I know, spoiled) and there are things to do outdoors year-round! 

TianCindy Tian, MD, PhD

Medical School: Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Favorite Seattle Hangout: Paddleboard on Lake Union in the summer!

Research Interests: Critical Care, Wilderness Medicine, Med Ed

Why UW: Amazing combo of trauma, medicine, patient diversity, and research opportunities. 

Stephanie Weter, MD, M.Ed.Stephanie Weter, MD, M.Ed.

Medical School: University of Washington

Favorite Seattle Hangout: I do not live in Seattle, however when I am there and not at the hospital, I enjoy exploring new places.

Research Interests: I am interested in everything! I enjoy critical care. I come from a very rural hometown and am also interested in rural medicine and population health. And before medical school, I volunteered as an EMT (so also drawn to EMS). It's a good thing I still have time to make big choices.

Why UW: UW has a great mix of practice settings for EM, between Harborview, UWMC, Seattle Children's, and Valley Medical. I was also drawn to the EMS program and Airlift Northwest. But the biggest surprise for me is how amazing my co-residents are. It's a great group of people.

Class of 2027

Class of 2027

Kamran AbriKamran Abri , MD, MS

Medical School: University of California, San Francisco

Favorite Seattle Hangout: I'm pretty new to Seattle and the Pacific Northwest, but I am very excited to explore all of the hiking in the area and across the state! And also very excited to check out all of the good food in the city!

Research Interests: Housing and homelessness, addiction medicine

Why UW: UW combines all of my biggest priorities in looking for a residency: a mission-driven program with excellent training across urban and rural settings; amazing, kind, and engaged people; and nearby outdoor resources so I can easily get into nature while going through the challenges of residency training. 

BessenBrooke Bessen, MD

Medical School: University of Washington

Favorite Seattle Hangout: Greenlake, Discovery Park, all the climbing gyms 

Research Interests: Addiction medicine, street medicine, cardiac arrest

Why UW: I chose UW for the excellent combined county and academic training, the focus on social EM, and for the privilege to serve a diverse, urban underserved patient population I know and love! 

DalalSawan Dalal, MD

Medical School: Baylor College of Medicine

Favorite Seattle Hangout: Catching sunsets in new spots. (Also escaping the city and exploring the mountains).

Research Interests: Aerospace, wilderness, flight EMS, global health

Why UW: Unparalleled exposure to county, academic, community and rural medicine. Incredible people and leadership. And of course, the beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

De LeonAdrian DeLeon, MD

Medical School: University of Washington

Favorite Seattle Hangout: Listen to live music

Research Interests: My primary area of interest is in improving health outcomes for patients with limited English proficiency. Other areas of interest within EM are Flight Medicine, EMS, and Ultrasound. 

Why UW: It has always been my dream to train with UW which has such a commanding presence in the world of Emergency Medicine.

dowNathan Dow, MD, MS

Medical School: University of Vermont

Favorite Seattle Hangout: I'm new to Seattle, but after spending the last dozen years enjoying Vermont beer, I'm always on the hunt for a great local brewery!

Research Interests: EMS, Critical Care, Coagulopathy research 

Why UW: UW feels like a true hybrid program, combining the best parts of academic and county programs. The reputation for strong critical care here is well known. Given my EMS background (I worked on ambulances for a dozen years before becoming a resident), I was also excited about the training opportunities with local EMS, paramedic education, and Airlift Northwest. Proximity to the mountains and the beautiful PNW sealed the deal!

LorenzoLorenzo Gonzalez, MD

Medical School: Johns Hopkins University

Favorite Seattle Hangout: Brewery hopping!

Research Interests: Rural Emergency Medicine, Wilderness Medicine

Why UW: When I was looking at residency programs, three things stood out to me as most important: the people, the clinical experience, and the opportunities to explore my interests within EM. UW emphatically met all three criteria. The people in UW EM are the type of kind, hardworking people that I want to learn from and work with, day in and day out. The clinical environments offer exposure to the full breadth of emergency medicine. And, as an added bonus, the location can’t be beat. I’ve been looking for a chance to return to the PNW ever since I left, and I can not think of a better place to start my career as a physician.

Abigail Hecht, MDAbigail Hecht, MD

Medical School: Ohio State University

Favorite Seattle Hangout: Backpack & hike through the gorgeous PNW, eat an unreal amount of amazing food, and explore new running routes

Research Interests: Social EM, climate change & health, ultrasound

Why UW: UW is an amazing program with a huge breadth of resources & many opportunities to explore your interests. I love the academic/county split at UW along with the diverse experiences in population health, flight medicine, rural electives, etc. It also doesn’t hurt that we get to live in a beautiful area and work with amazing faculty & co-residents!

Riley Kolus, MDRiley Kolus, MD

Medical School: Boston University Chobanian & Avedisian School of Medicine

Favorite Seattle Hangout: I'm looking forward to finding my new favorite brewery and eating my way through the Chinatown-International District!

Research Interests: EMS, toxicology, and innovation

Why UW: So many reasons! First and foremost, the people at this program were phenomenal. The residents were so welcoming and friendly, the faculty engaged and eager to get to know me, I felt like I could easily see myself being a part of a close family here. Second, the mission at UW is lived by the program in everything they do. I was looking for a program where I could work with underserved populations alongside similarly motivated colleagues, and UW was an obvious choice. Finally, being the EMS geek that I am, the extensive prehospital opportunities available here were too cool to pass up.

V Koski-Karell, MD, PhDV Koski-Karell, MD, PhD

Medical School: University of Michigan

Favorite Seattle Hangout: Enjoy a good cup of coffee by the water (and hopefully row on it sometime)

Research Interests: Rural/global health, environmental toxicology, social EM

Why UW: A few shifts into my visiting rotation through the UW Emergency Medicine Scholars Program (EMSP) I could already tell this was exactly where I wanted to train. My goal in applying to residency was to enter a program that would prepare me to be an excellent, patient-centered, well-rounded EM provider who could serve anywhere — and UW was top of my list. I’m eager to spend the next four years in a supportive and flexible environment rich in opportunities to explore my clinical and research interests. Plus, I’ve dreamed of living in Seattle since I visited the first time at age fourteen, and am grateful to be relatively closer to siblings and old friends in the beautiful PNW. What an honor to have a chance to participate, learn, and serve in this community.

Brendan Mullan, MDBrendan Mullan, MD

Medical School: Wayne State University

Favorite Seattle Hangout: TBD

Research Interests: Critical care, resuscitation research, and wilderness medicine

Why UW: I really feel that UW will provide me with the best training in emergency medicine. As an academic/county program in the urban environment of Seattle, UW will help make me a leading emergency physician and set me up for the best career possible. Moreover, it will be a pleasure to treat and learn from the diverse patient population throughout the WWAMI region!

Sarah Pajka, MDSarah Pajka, MD

Favorite Seattle Hangout: TBD, but probably eating noodles in the city, eating peanut butter tortillas while backpacking outside the city!

Research Interests: Palliative EM, Climate Change & Health, Social EM

Why UW: Too many reasons! I wanted a program that would prepare me to confidently practice emergency medicine in any and all settings, and for me, that was UW! During my interview day, I felt incredibly supported by the leadership and found myself wishing I could spend more time with the residents. Proximity to the outdoors was a definite bonus! 

Sierra Peace, MDSierra Peace, MD

Medical School: University of California, San Francisco

Favorite Seattle Hangout: TBD

Research Interests: EMS and Disaster Medicine

Why UW: I felt I was really able to connect with the residents, even virtually; they embodied competence and compassion in a way I hope to also embody in my practice. With unparalleled opportunities to grow in my areas of interest, the perfect blend of academic and county training, and the scenic backdrop of the PNW, UW was the only choice for me!

Victor Pinto, MD, MAVictor Pinto, MD, MA

Medical School: Northwestern University

Favorite Seattle Hangout: Sunday mornings at the Fremont Farmers Market, going for runs through the Arboretum and Seward Park, and going rock climbing in Index, Leavenworth, and the Cascades!

Research Interests: Pre-hospital medicine and the interface between emergency medicine and palliative care

Why UW: I wanted to be in a vibrant city with a diverse patient population at a program that provides me the opportunity to work in academic, county, and community hospitals.  Add to that UW's incredible flight medicine training with Airlift Northwest and access to the mountains only a short drive away and I was hooked!

Julia Ramirez, DOJulia Ramirez, DO

Medical School: Western University of Health Sciences

Favorite Seattle Hangout: Museum hopping while searching for Seattle's best coffee shop

Research Interests: Rural health, global health, wilderness medicine, & medical education

Why UW: When I interviewed at UW, the program and the people just felt right to me. As someone with a diverse range of interests in EM, UW’s unique opportunities and emphasis on helping residents find their “niche” in EM to promote happy, long careers really aligned with my own goals. Plus, even through my Zoom interviews, I could tell how genuinely passionate the residents and attendings were about UW’s program and caring for its diverse patient population, as well as living their lives outside of the ED to the fullest.

Joshua Ratoviz, MDJoshua Ratoviz, MD

Medical School: University of California, Riverside

Favorite Seattle Hangout: I am excited to move downtown and take advantage of public transportation! I love exploring the city to find the best food and coffee shops in the area.

Research Interests: Community medicine, LGBTQ+ health, HIV care, ultrasound, pediatrics, addiction medicine. 

Why UW: Their combination of community medicine with a strong academic foundation is what attracted me to UW! Their trauma training is also exceptional! Being able to live in a diverse city with beautiful parks, and hiking trails, and learn at exceptional hospitals is fantastic! Once I met the current residents at this program I knew that this was the right place for me!

Kirstin Scott, MD, PhD, MPhilKirstin Scott, MD, PhD, MPhil

Medical School: Harvard University

Favorite Seattle Hangout: Trail running in the Issy Alps, climbing (and admiring) Tahoma (Mount Rainier), checking the mail at Mailbox Peak, treating friends to coffee (and Salt & Straw), and going on adventures with my family (especially my niece and nephew!) 

Research Interests: Influencing health policy to ensure that the ED remains a place for anyone, anytime, and anywhere 24/7/365. Also interested in palliative care and wilderness medicine.

Why UW:  (1) The incredible people who have made this stellar department all that it is today. (2) If you have read the mission statement printed on Harborview's walls, then it is clear why it is such a remarkably special to train. Given that I have been an ED patient there myself - I am honored to have the chance to give back. 

Anita Subbarao, MDAnita Subbarao, MD

Medical School: University of California, Davis

Favorite Seattle Hangout: Picnicking at Madrona Beach, exploring Cap Hill, hiking the Skyline Loop Trail at Mt. Rainier

Research Interests: Ultrasound, Clinical Informatics, Wilderness Medicine

Why UW: High acuity; the kind, supportive residents and faculty; diversity of presentations and training sites; wide catchment area; getting to live in the PNW!!

Katelyn Wittel, MDKatelyn Wittel, MD

Medical School: University of California, Irvine

Favorite Seattle Hangout: Anything outside! My favorite thus far is enjoying the Seattle skyline after a Puget Sound night dive off Bainbridge Island.

Research Interests: EM in low-resource settings, particularly in the setting of global EM and rural EM

Why UW: County, academic, & rural training; broad WWAMI patient population; global and rural EM opportunities; strong, supportive female leadership; happy, approachable, and down-to-earth residents; the beautiful PNW

Class of 2028

Alayna BarelaAlayna Barela, MD, MSc

Medical School: Brown University

Favorite Seattle Hangout: Wander around the Washington Park Arboretum, hike or ski in the beautiful surrounding mountains, and eat lots of great Seattle food!

Research Interests: Access to healthcare, social EM, EMS, addiction medicine

Why UW: I was fortunate enough to do an away rotation at UW before applying to residency programs. During that rotation, I got to know the incredible people who make up the UW family and meet the patients they serve. The passion and diversity of the residents and faculty, paired with the diversity of patient population and training environment, showed me just how much this program could teach me. From EMS and trauma exposure to rural medicine and ultrasound, UW has experts that span the whole range of EM. I am excited to explore the many opportunities UW offers alongside such a fantastic group of providers!

ChengEthan Cheng, MD

Medical School: University of Florida 

Favorite Seattle Hangout: I haven’t spent a lot of time in Seattle, but I loved Discovery Park when I visited. I’m looking forward to finding my favorite places in my new home over the next several years.

Research Interests: At this point, my interests within EM are broad but include rural medicine, wilderness medicine, global EM, aeromedical EMS, and critical care.

Why UW: UW encompasses everything I want in a residency program: a mission-driven institution with diverse patients and training settings, breadth of opportunity to explore my interests within EM, and a wonderful city situated in the most beautiful region of the country.

De MonninKarlee De Monnin, MD

Medical School: Washington University

Favorite Seattle Hangout: Nothing beats a morning jog around Green Lake!

Research Interests: I have strong interests in medical education and critical care, but I am still exploring.

Why UW: More reasons than I could possibly list! On my interview day, the residents at UW were welcoming, genuine and supportive. It was easy to tell that they were happy to be around one another and felt confident in their training. The program itself offers a wide breadth of experiences across both academic and county settings, with opportunities to provide high-quality care to a diverse and underserved patient population. Not to mention, Seattle is lush, beautiful, and close to my family. I could not imagine a better place to call home for residency!

DennyKathleen Denny

Medical School: Oregon Health & Science University

Favorite Seattle Hangout: Trying out amazing restaurants!

Research Interests: Social EM, EMS, pain management

Why UW: UW offers a one-of-a-kind residency that pushes residents to develop themselves not just as physicians, but as future leaders. I can't imagine a more supportive place to train and achieve my goals!

GutierrezKatie Gutierrez, MD, MS

Medical School: University of California, San Francisco

Favorite Seattle Hangout: I’m still new to Seattle, but I’m looking forward to hiking and exploring the beautiful PNW, being near the water as much as possible when it’s warm out, and checking out my local Home Depot for DIY projects.

Research Interests: Medical Education, Social EM, Ultrasound

Why UW: I loved that UW offered both an academic and a county experience, as well as countless elective opportunities to help me grow as an individual and clinician. Additionally, everyone I spoke with during my interview was kind and enthusiastic, and I could tell I would be well supported in all of my pursuits. Not to mention, Seattle is a beautiful city with great access to nature and not far from my friends and family!

HarringtonBrenna Harrington, MD

Medical School: Hofstra University

Favorite Seattle Hangout: Hiking or any outdoorsy activity, enjoying the local music scene, trying new restaurants

Research Interests: Global health, EMS, social EM

Why UW: The unique blend of county and academic medicine serving an urban, diverse patient population; the incredible opportunities within EMS from social medicine initiatives to flight medicine and innovation in cardiac arrest care; the passionate residents and faculty; and the chance to move back to the PNW!

JosephMatt Joseph, MD

Medical School: Washington University

Favorite Seattle Hangout: Bike along the Burke to go swimming at one of the waterfront parks, especially Magnuson, with bonus points for stopping at a brewery. Outside the city, I love climbing at Gold Bar and Leavenworth and backpacking in the Cascades.

Research Interests: Critical care

Why UW: UW has the perfect mix of busy county, academic, community, and pediatric sites that I think will allow for diversity of training and the ability to explore different practice settings. For similar reasons, I love the strong representation from all of the various EM fellowships. Also, I did undergrad at UW and have since missed Seattle dearly, so this feels like coming home.

KinneyErin Kinney, MD

Medical School: Oregon Health & Science University

Favorite Seattle Hangout: Run around Discovery Park, hangout with friends and family, spend time on the water, get out of the city and ski or mountain bike.

Research Interests: Wilderness medicine, EMS and flight medicine

Why UW: Proximity to my family and community. Training in a county setting, career developmemt opportunities and contributing to the well-being of the city I grew up in. Additionally, access to the mountains and water to unwind in my free time.

LeTudi Le, MD

Medical School: University of Washington

Favorite Seattle Hangout: Climbing at Seattle Bouldering Project, getting pastries at any bakery, drinking coffee, day hiking, reading at Green Lake on sunny days, bookstore browsing (shoutout to Seattle's independent bookstores!)

Research Interests: Global Health, Medical Education, Ultrasound

Why UW: When picking a residency program, I really wanted to be somewhere that prioritized caring for underserved populations and that championed diversity among the teachers and learners. Having trained at UW for medical school, I knew the mission of the UW Emergency Medicine Residency aligned closely with my own values. My community at UW makes for a learning environment that simultaneously feels safe and welcoming and also encourages me to challenge myself and step outside my comfort zone to advance my own education.

LeddyJason Leddy, MD

Medical School: University of California, San Diego

Favorite Seattle Hangout: Exploring new neighborhoods and nearby mountains on my bike!

Research Interests: Critical Care, Rural Medicine, Geriatric EM, Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine

Why UW: UW has an amazing blend of county and academic-based practices that will allow me to explore every corner of emergency medicine. Talking with residents and faculty showed me that everyone at UW is committed to being an outstanding clinician, well-rounded human being, and life-long learner. When my partner and I considered the places where we wanted to live and train, Seattle stood out as a city where we could thrive both inside and outside of the hospital.

McClearyPaul McCleary, MD

Medical School: University of Vermont

Favorite Seattle Hangout: Enjoying the amazing and diverse food scene - East Asian cuisine, Latin, Italian, etc - You name it!

Research Interests: Disaster Medicine, Ultrasound, EMS, Advancements in Medical Technology

Why UW: Growing up just outside Seattle and attending UW for undergrad, Seattle has always been where I call home. UW offers a diversity of training sites in county, academic and community hospitals caring for some of the most at-risk parts of the community while maintaining a low barrier to access care. The four-year track with emphasis on career development provides a unique opportunity for me to further cultivate my interests in critical care, disaster medicine/EMS or whatever may pique my interest during residency. I can’t imagine a better city to train in with easy access to the beautiful outdoors of the PNW.

PanenoRose Paneno, MD

Medical School: University of California, Los Angeles

Favorite Seattle Hangout: Enjoying breathtaking views while hiking in the mountains. I’m excited to find a new favorite coffee shop, pet all my neighbors dogs, and enjoy some time running along the lakes.

Research Interests: Global Health Equity, Wilderness Medicine, Disaster Resiliency and Response, Community Health Initiatives

Why UW: I am so thrilled to have found such a remarkable program, a place where I can learn from world class Emergency Medicine faculty, delve deeper into my interests in austere and wilderness medicine, learn from global health experts, and enjoy the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. I am so grateful to have found a place where the program and the people reflect my values, interests, and passion for caring for patients from all walks of life.

PoyorenaChris Poyorena, MD, MS

Medical School: Mayo Clinic 

Favorite Seattle Hangout: I’ve spent a total of 3 days in Seattle prior to Matching here so I’m not entirely sure however I can tell you I’m most excited to explore the multiple national parks surrounding Seattle and the alleged top tier snowboarding.

Research Interests: Addiction Medicine and Harm Reduction within the ED; Native American Health and Disparities; Critical Care

Why UW: My UW interview was early in the application cycle which in hindsight became the benchmark to which I would compare other programs. I felt the program’s set up was unique and provided residents with the widest variety of patient populations and clinical environments in a longitudinal format within every ED block. On any given ED block you will move between the county trauma center, a highly specialized premier medical center and the primary WWAMI pediatric referral center. Aside from variety my main priority was a mission driven program which didn’t come at the expense of reduced ancillary support for residents and tangible social support for patients which I felt UW had resources to support both. I was also looking for a program with leadership committed to expanding harm reduction and SUD treatment out of the ED at a local and national level which I felt UW was again ahead of the pack. All these things in addition to heavy CCM, unique flight medicine experience, optional rural/IHS rotations all located within an exciting city made it the obvious choice.

RezaeiRachel Rezaei, MD

Medical School: University of Nevada, Reno

Favorite Seattle Hangout: I'm new to the Pacific Northwest and Seattle but I am excited to explore the beautiful outdoor landscapes, the local bookstores, and ride the ferry.

Research Interests: Global Health, Disaster Medicine, and Narrative Medicine

Why UW: UW offered an excellent combination of training at both county and academic centers and many opportunities to explore diverse experiences in emergency medicine training such as, population health, global health, critical care, etc. The faculty and leadership during the interview were friendly and supportive and the PNW is a beautiful area to work and live.

SimmonsJoshua Simmons, MD

Medical School: New York Medical College

Favorite Seattle Hangout: Exploring the trails of the Arboretum, wandering around a cozy bookshop on a rainy day, or sampling some pasta from the stall at Pike Place that my great, great grandparents first opened!

Research Interests: I’m fascinated by the medical crises that occur when we are least ready for them. For me, that includes a broad range of austere sub-specialties from Disaster Medicine to Wilderness Medicine. Along another vein, part of what drew me to EM was the immense richness of stories we encounter daily, and for that reason I believe strongly in the power of Narrative Medicine to improve the lives of patients and providers alike.

Why UW: Beyond having the privilege of training in such a uniquely beautiful setting, the sheer breadth and depth of training opportunities offered at UW placed it solidly at the top of my list. I knew that I wanted to be able to confidently practice Emergency Medicine anywhere, from hectic urban trauma bays to backcountry clinics. With clinical sites spanning the full spectrum of EM, UW truly prepares its residents to care for anyone, anywhere, anytime. Moreover, the diversity of patients and pathologies we are exposed to as the terminal referral center and safety net for a wide swathe of the country is second to none. To be able to surround myself with such inspiring mentors and co-residents in a region with endless parks, peaks, and waterways to explore was a dream come true for me!

SorkowNoah Sorkow, MD

Medical School: University of Vermont

Favorite Seattle Hangout: Searching for the best poke in the city, getting a morning pastry at Macrina in Cap Hill, or anything that gets me into the mountains or out on the water!

Research Interests: I am interested in addiction medicine, social emergency medicine, medical education, and just generally learning how to be the best EM doc that I can be!

Why UW: Many, many reasons! The split academic/county structure, the opportunity to be a part of a well-resourced system that is committed to caring for underserved populations, getting to serve and learn from diverse communities across the insanely large WWAMI region, and the fantastic people I got to meet on interview day are just a few of the reasons why I chose UW. Getting to live in a city that has an awesome food/music scene with stellar outdoor access was just a bonus.

WesselAdrienne Wessel, MD

Medical School: Loyola University Chicago

Favorite Seattle Hangout: I love to climb, hike, and backpack in the area whenever I can, and am so excited to get to know Index and Leavenworth better! I also love exploring local parks, beaches, and coffee shops!

Research Interests: Addiction medicine, social EM, and rural EM

Why UW: I chose UW primarily because I loved the social mission of the program and I really vibed with the residents and faculty I met at UW. I was also excited about the variety of training provided between Harborview and UW. I’m also so excited to be at a program that values individual career development within EM, and look forward to furthering my interests in addiction medicine and rural EM. Finally, I’ll get to live in the beautiful PNW!

ZapataLilian Zapata, MD

Medical School: Emory University

Favorite Seattle Hangout: I love visting all of the art, crafting, and thrift stores with my partner, and taking time to compare the 1000+ coffee shops. Of course, eating the delicious seafood is a close second.

Research Interests: Social Medicine, Medical Education, Wilderness Medicine, and EMS

Why UW: During my residency interviews, UW stuck out for a multitude of reasons. From the get go, I loved the variety in training sites and the program’s emphasis on finding one's perfect niche in emergency medicine. My interviewers were all extremely friendly and supportive, and the residents seemed super happy to share their experiences. Coming from a background focused on social and urban medicine, I was also excited to see that everyone at UW really lived by their mission and focused on improving the quality-of-care underserved populations receive. Between all of this and the fact that I get to live a beautiful city like Seattle, I feel extremely lucky to get the opportuity to train at UW.