We are committed to providing an exceptional educational experience for all trainees who rotate through our clinical departments, including residents, medical, and paramedic students.

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Our goal

It is our goal and responsibility to help you develop to your full potential, providing you with the tools to deliver outstanding patient centered care to all of your future patients and to achieve your own professional aspirations.

We are able to accomplish this goal through the provision of a clinical environment that promotes collegiality, scholarship, and innovation. Our faculty is invested in teaching and mentorship and has a diverse background of expertise.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy is that every provider participates in delivering outstanding patient care. This philosophy contributes to an environment of mutual consideration and respect among everyone working in and supporting our Emergency Departments. Together, everyone is supporting you in your educational endeavors.

Our resources

Trainees are exposed to a rich and broad based patient population. Our educational programs take advantage of the vast resources provided by:

As an academic discipline, we work closely with world class organizations: