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Dr. Zvonar receives CLIME Grant to study resident experiences with patient handoffs

May 16, 2024
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Dr. Ivan Zvonar will lead a multi-center study focusing on emergency medicine residents and their experiences with patient handoffs after receiving funding through the 2024 CLIME Competitive Small Grants Program. 

The project titled, "Intended and Unintended Consequences: A Qualitative Exploration of Emergency Medicine Residents’ Experiences with Patient Handoffs,” aims to dive deeper into resident perceptions of the social and learning aspects of handoff.

Traditionally, work on patient handoffs has been studied through the lens of patient safety, focusing on the transfer of patient information and provider responsibility. This is because miscommunication during this time can result in adverse patient events. Zvonar notes that what often gets sidelined in these discussions is the effect that handoffs have on the residents executing them. 

“The handoff process represents numerous functions beyond the sole transfer of patient care. As it occurs regularly and is an important part of resident experiential learning and training, it is important to gain a better understanding of how residents experience this timeframe to ultimately foster supportive learning environments,” said Zvonar. 

While the primary focus lies within the realm of emergency medicine, Zvonar hopes the implications of this study expand across the broader landscape of graduate medical education. The study will run for the upcoming academic year and results are expected in early 2025.  

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