Dr. Nick Johnson Writes for Prevention Magazine

What Life Is Like Inside a Seattle Emergency Department During COVID-19: I'm a doctor in the state where the first U.S. case was confirmed. This is a pandemic like we've never seen.

Dr. Nick Johnson Writes for The Conversation

My first question every time I see a new patient now is: Could this be COVID-19? A Seattle doctor on the front lines.

Dr. Catherine R. Counts Writes for

7 data visualizations that explain COVID-19: Interactive maps, infection projections and your own PCR data illustrate how serious the COVID-19 pandemic is in your response area.


Dr. Sachita Shah on Transmission Podcast by KNKX

When the novel coronavirus made its way to the United States, it landed here, in the Pacific Northwest. Transmission is a podcast about life at the heart of an epidemic.

Dr. Jenelle Badulak on the ED ECMO Podcast

Ep. 63: COVID and ECMO – Who do we cannulate? with Jenelle Badulak.

Drs. Michael Sayre & Andy McCoy on the Prehospital Emergency Care Podcast

PEC Podcast Episode 76: Lesson's Learned from Seattle WA.

American Heart Association Talks to Drs. Michael Sayre & Thomas Rea

Insights from King County/Seattle EMS Coronavirus Response.


Drs. Tak Watase, Jenelle Badulak and Fiona Gallahue in CORD Connects Webinar

CORD Connects COVID 19: Physicians from the front lines of COVID-19 from the University of Washington in Seattle answer questions during this live discussion.

Dr. Jenelle Badulak for CTS Net Webinar

COVID-19: An International Perspective.